Let’s Go For Tea

Over a cup of tea anything is possible.
Curled up on the couch, sitting in Starbucks or even driving in the car a little tea between friends inspires sharing about the funny moments of our lives and our fave pair of pants.
At the same time it can also let us sip at more serious topics like love, work and what hurts us.

When I started this site under the name Oh My Mermaid I wanted to create a place where anything was possible.  Back then I called it “the Mermaid Mindset”.  I wanted to write about my own experiences, goals and ideas while connecting with others on everything from finding a career path to finding love.

I did that, in a lot of ways.  And as it’s grown and gained followers I’ve realized it’s so much more than the myth of a mermaid or the stereotype I was connecting with when I started.

Back then I had a script for who I was and what my life was.  It was off the beaten path, doing things differently, a beautiful fluke of nature.  Today I don’t have a script and I don’t see my life fitting in to the narrative of a mermaid life – not that my life is less mermaid-inspire, just that a single narrative doesn’t capture it.

Over a cup of tea, though, there is no narrative, no expectations or script to follow.
So this is your invitation – let’s go for tea and see where it leads.