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The Value of Goals

When you work for yourself, chances are there aren’t a lot of opportunities for promotion. Or there are, but they look a lot different than your traditional corporate promotion and they don’t always serve as the most accurate markers of success and development. For… Continue Reading “The Value of Goals”

Self Care in the Gig Economy

If your boss offered you more money, would you be like “nah, I need to stay home and not make money that day…” ? Yeah, I didn’t think so. But what if you are your own boss? This is the self care challenge I’ve… Continue Reading “Self Care in the Gig Economy”

Find your Hustle: Living life Gig to Gig

The gig economy is about saying “Hey, I have this skill or service I can offer for a fee.” And then offering it to a range of different clients. There’s not a lot of emphasis on consistency.