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The Gig Economy & You: How to Start Working for Yourself

So you’ve decided that you’d love to let go of the 9-5 and make it on your own, doing work that you’re connected to. But how? The moment I realized this is what I wanted felt great, and the moment right after I was… Continue Reading “The Gig Economy & You: How to Start Working for Yourself”

Self Care in the Gig Economy

If your boss offered you more money, would you be like “nah, I need to stay home and not make money that day…” ? Yeah, I didn’t think so. But what if you are your own boss? This is the self care challenge I’ve… Continue Reading “Self Care in the Gig Economy”

Find your Hustle: Living life Gig to Gig

The gig economy is about saying “Hey, I have this skill or service I can offer for a fee.” And then offering it to a range of different clients. There’s not a lot of emphasis on consistency.